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To register for housing with RBC Living & Homes

If you wish to join the Runnymede housing register you will need to complete the online application form. (If you do not have access to a computer then you may use one in the reception area of the Civic Centre.) You are advised to check that you meet the eligibility and qualification conditions set out in the Allocations Policy before you start.

You will be asked for information on the following:

* The main applicant's details including contact details and national insurance number;

* Details of any household members that you would like to be housed with you;

* Brief details of your reasons for wanting to move;

* Brief details of your current housing situation;

* Some information on your employment status, your income and savings and any benefits you receive.

* Names, addresses and dates of residence of immediate family members living in Runnymede.

Please have the above information ready to help you complete an application.

You will also need to have an email address you can use to create your application and to make changes to it whenever necessary.

If you have a medical condition and wish to states this as part of your application you will need to answer the questions asking for more details. You will then need to submit supporting medical evidence by a health professional that is less than 6 months old. We will not consider a medical condition without this information. Runnymede does not pay for any professionals’ reports or supporting evidence. You will need to email that information to the housing needs team or if you prefer, you can post it to the Civic Offices or drop in at reception. Please ask for a receipt if you do so.

If you currently have an application with either Elmbridge or Spelthorne Borough Councils and have a local connection to Runnymede Borough Council you will need to re-apply directly to Runnymede Borough Council.

There are 3 parts to the application process.

Stage 1 - Pre-assessment

This decides, based on your answers, if you are eligible to join the Housing Register.

Stage 2 – Housing Options Plan

You will have a housing options plan created as the second part of the form. This will indicate the housing options available to you based on your answers.

Stage 3 - Application to join the Housing Register

If you are eligible to join the Housing Register you will need to complete a further section of the application form. Once you have completed this and submitted it, pending through assessment by the team, we will write to you with the outcome. If you are successfully registered, you will then receive a letter with your banding assessment.

Please read the Allocations Scheme before you start to apply so you can understand how the Council allocates its homes.

Please click here to apply.

If you need assistance please contact the Housing Allocations team on or call into our housing advice desk in the reception of the Civic Offices. Opening times can be found here.