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Priority Bands

When you register for a Transfer or for re-housing as a Homeseeker, your application will be assessed according to the Council’s current allocations policy.

You will be placed in one of the priority bands described below according to the information you submit.

If you disagree with your priority band you can discuss this with us and advise of any missing or incorrect information so we can reassess your application.

When bids are considered for advertised properties, priority will be given to bids from people in the highest priority band. If people from the same priority band bid for the same property the person with the earliest registration date will be considered first.

Band A applicants, this is the priority date, not the registration date.

If your circumstances change your application needs to be amended by you using the online process and it will then be reassessed on line according to the new information you provide.

Medical information needs to be e mailed or posted to the Council to support any medical application or else we will be unable to award any additional priority if appropriate.

Below is a general guide to the priority bands. You should refer to the Runnymede BC Housing Allocations Policy for full details.

• The Council no longer allows applicants without a local connection to register for housing.

• Runnymede has an independent CBL scheme and is not party to any other allocations policy.

• The Council does not let any homes through any other CBL scheme.

• Homeless Households are not permitted to bid for properties within the RBC CBL scheme and will be made a direct let of a suitable property.

Band A - Emergency Need to move – such as decanting from required properties, welfare reform impact and extreme health and welfare.

Band B – Urgent Need to move - such as urgent medical needs, armed forces with threatened homelessness within 28 days, welfare reform impact.

Band C1 & C2 – identified need to move such as homeless households and households lacking bedrooms and facilities. This is a dual band to reflect reduced priority.

Band D1 & D2 - low or reduced housing need. This is a dual band to reflect reduced priority such as a household living in private rented sector accommodation, where the household is found to be adequately and suitably housed.

This is a very brief guide to the main themes of the banding assessment.